Supershots Review

I finally got my hands on Dr. Wheatgrass Supershots - Bottle of Stabilized Liquid Wheat Grass Juice at a friend's house and took a capful, which is the recommended dose. I couldn't get myself to buy a bottle since I have trays and trays of my own wheatgrass growing and waiting to be consumed.
Here is my review of the stuff: Supershots is an extract of wheatgrass juice. I am still not sure what it is that they extracted, and how they did it, as it is apparently a secret. It is clear instead of green because it doesn't contain chlorophyll. They claim it is stabilised, and therefore can last up to 2 years without even needing refrigeration.
It doesn't look or taste like wheatgrass juice, and just from trying a little bit, I couldn't really tell how it really compares to the fresh stuff. It has a lemony taste. Supershots claims to work solely on the basis of the grass juice factor. It has no chlorophyll, which is what many other people claim is the potent ingredient found in wheatgrass juice. The claim that it can sit out for years and still work is a little questionable to me as well. Virtually all other wheatgrass authorities out there say that you need to drink wheatgrass immediately after it is juiced, or take wheatgrass powder. Virtually everything that Supershots claims to be is completely different than what pretty much everyone else says to do with wheatgrass. I guess one thing it has going for it is that it is made by Dr. Chris Reynolds, who is a so-called wheatgrass expert from Australia.
I am not convinced yet that it works, but I am willing to take a bottle travelling with me and see how I feel after taking it daily for a while. Until then, I am sticking to my home grown grass!

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