The Grass Juice Factor

I have been reading various reports of a so called "grass juice factor", and wanted to relay my findings on this phenomenon. Numerous sources seem to say that wheatgrass juice contains some powerful medicinal property yet undiscovered by science. This miraculous healer is called the grass juice factor. People believe in this unknown factor because when doctors analyze wheatgrass juice, they can't seem to find any known reason why it should work so well as a healing medicine. Despite this lack of findings, countless people, including doctors and scientists, have no doubt that wheatgrass juice can really heal the body from all kinds of ailments. The claim is that wheatgrass juice does indeed contain powerful healing nutrients. The problem is that modern medicine isn't developed enough to figure out exactly how it works.
You might be skeptical, but I might remind you that humans have been using natural medicinal remedies for thousands of years. Long before scientists or doctors even existed, all sorts of plants were being used by humans who had discovered they helped the body recover from illness. In fact, most of the prescribed modern medicine is derived from plants with medicinal properties.
In my opinion, The Grass Juice Factor is real. Due to the fact that I am in great health and am rarely sick, I have never had to use wheatgrass to recover from a serious illness. However, I do have a close friend who really thought he was on his deathbed and started a super wheatgrass juice cleanse that seems to have saved his life. He is now completely back to normal and still takes wheatgrass religiously. If you look around on the Internet a bit, there are dozens of testimonials on the power of wheatgrass and how it has healed many people. Yes, there are many skeptics out there who claim wheatgrass juice doesn't do anything at all, but these people seem to be the type who won't accept alternative medicines. Others order a shot of wheatgrass juice at a juice bar, drink it, say they don't feel anything, and then write about how it doesn't work at all and tastes like lawn clippings. Of course, I am not trying to convince anybody that wheatgrass juice works or doesn't work. I am just sharing my findings and encourage people to really try it and see for themselves if it works or not.

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