When is the best time to drink my wheatgrass?

When is the best time to drink my wheatgrass? The overwhelming consensus is that you should drink it on an empty stomach, preferably when you first wake up in the morning and haven't eaten anything yet. The reason for this is that the nutrients can best be absorbed when nothing else is in your stomach to interact with them. Many sources say that you will absorb all the good stuff wheatgrass has to offer quickly, and you can eat other things about half an hour later. If you are only going to drink wheatgrass more than one time per day, drink the second one in the evening, or at a time when you haven't eaten anything else for a while.
If you aren't growing your own wheatgrass and have to buy the juice at the store, I'm sure most people aren't going to get it first thing in the morning. I certainly wouldn't, as I tend to wake up starving. I guess this is yet another good reason to grow it yourself.

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kristinliz said...

My juicer doesn't process wheat grass well; is there any reason I couldn't drink it as a puree from the blender instead?