Should you drink wheatgrass when you are pregnant?

Our first baby is due to make her debut in this world of ours in a few more months, so I have been researching this question a bit lately. Just like many other aspects of wheatgrass, there are conflicting opinions on this topic as well. If you read the views of many doctors, even those who specialize in alternative medicine, they will tell you to avoid wheatgrass during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. It seems to me that the reason they don't recommend it is because there have been no scientific tests on this subject so that I know of so far. Doctors are pretty cautious about telling pregnant women to take things that haven't been thoroughly tested yet. They may also be afraid that you somehow drink wheatgrass that wasn't grown in sanitary conditions, which could possibly make you sick.

My wife used to drink wheatgrass juice every day, but as soon as she was pregnant she couldn't go near the stuff. Pregnant women suddenly love certain foods and can't stand others, and she can't even take the smell of wheatgrass juice right now for some reason.

On the other hand, some women have taken wheatgrass during and after pregnancy and say that they were just fine. Additionally, some of the manufacturers of wheatgrass tablets and powders say that it is fine to consume their products during pregnancy. They even say that babies can take it too. My wife isn't drinking wheatgrass juice, but she is definitely eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and other healthy vegetarian foods. If you are unsure about whether or not you should take wheatgrass while you are pregnant, ask your doctor.

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