Should I put fertilizer on the soil?

Though you definitely don't need to, some people prefer to put fertilizer on the soil when the wheatgrass is growing. Whether or not you need to do this probably depends a lot on the type of soil you are using in the first place. Some soils contain plenty of trace minerals and others don't. I have definitely grown most of my wheatgrass without the use of any fertilizers, but I now believe that it surely doesn't hurt to put some on, and it most likely helps to make sure your juice is as full of vitamins and nutrients as it can be.
Most of the fertilizers intended to be used on wheatgrass are based on kelp, which is a type of seaweed. A little goes a long way, so you can buy a small bottle, spray the soil of each tray you use, and it will last you a long time. I believe that if you are going to go through all the trouble to grow, juice, and drink wheatgrass, you might as well grow the best stuff you can.


tracy said...

This was my first try at growing wheatgrass. Now, I'm afraid to harvest, juice, and drink it.

I'm growing my wheatgrass in Miracle Gro potting mix. I never even thought about the dangers of the type of potting soil.

Would you recommend I dump it and start over with a different soil?

tracy said...

I think I messed up by using Miracle Gro soil to grow my wheat grass. Should I start over?

shiree said...

Yes! Whatever is in the soil will be in your wheatgrass. Thus, if you drink it, it will be in you.

Dmitry said...

Well, it's not quite right - I'm referring to the comment by shiree.
What about manure or compost they put in the soil to improve it? If you end up eating vegetables that grow there, then you're full manure or compost?
That's the beauty of nature - plants take the nutrients that humans cannot consume and transform them into the form that humans can consume.
Now, back to the issue. If you used Organic MiracleGro mix/soil, I'm sure you'll be fine. You also will be fine if it wasn't organic mix/soil - but if it's heavy on some chemical fertilizer you may end up with nitrates/nitrites, etc in your body. Not a big deal, the only problem it may not be that good for you. But they use nitrates and nitrites all the time to preserve meat - FDA says it's okay.... :) Although my opinion is "screw FDA".

So try it and let us know your experience!