Does wheatgrass juice make you want to barf?

There comes a time when every wheatgrass juice drinker has reached his/her limit for the day. You get this queezy feeling after you drink your juice, and there is nothing you can do about it. Some people feel this way when they first start to drink wheatgrass juice. I was fine for a while, and slowly increased the amount I drank, and then one day I felt like I wanted to puke. I guess that is your body's way of telling you how much you should be drinking. I am writing this post because it happened to me again this morning. While some people fell like this the first time they try wheatgrass juice and swear to never drink it again, I just take it as part of the process. Since it only happens to me once every few months, it is no big deal. Try taking small amounts when you first start on wheatgrass, and slowly increase your intake until you reach your limit again.
If you are taking lots and lots of wheatgrass juice to recover from sickness, my suggestion is to spread it out over the day. Take some in the morning, afternoon, and evening. This way you maximize absorbtion and minimize queeziness!

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CHRIS1188 said...

Not exactly barf, but it has a slightly irritating taste.

My motto is :
Wheatgrass (Wg) saves
(you the cost of multi-vitamin)

I also noted that Wg quenches hunger pangs effectively;

and that Wg simply goes thru the colon, so it don't get absorbed, i.e. ~ 'green in ~ green out'.

Thanks for your good job on this site.