Should I mix my wheatgrass juice with other juices?

One question that always seems to haunt me is whether or not it is best to drink wheatgrass juice alone or mixed with other juices. Most wheatgrass authorities say that you should drink it on an empty stomach, and wait for 30 minutes afterwards until you eat again. Yet there are countless recipes for wheatgrass smoothies to be found. Some people also say that you can mix wheatgrass juice with other fruit and vegetable juices to get rid of the grassy taste. There are even websites that tell you to do both in the same paragraph.
Here is my take on this issue: If it is better to drink wheatgrass juice on an empty stomach, then doesn't drinking it with other juices go against that rule? The stomach can absorb the nutrients in wheatgrass juice easier if there is nothing else in there to interact with it.
Many smoothie recipes call for a shot of wheatgrass, and juice bars will readily add wheatgrass to whatever shake or juice you are drinking. I guess it is a matter of whether you can stand the taste of wheatgrass juice enough to drink it alone. If you happen to dislike the taste of it, I guess wheatgrass juice mixed with other things is better than no wheatgrass at all! Fortunately, I like the taste of wheatgrass juice, and am happy to drink it all by itself.

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