Healthy Travelling

How do you eat healthy food while travelling? If you are going somewhere you can buy anything you want, it is easy. But what if you are going to countries where you aren't supposed to eat raw vegetables? I have spent years travelling around South America and Asia, and here are my suggestions:

  1. Eat heaps of fruit. Luckily, many of the places where you have to watch what you eat are loaded with yummy exotic fruits. Places like this include India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and the rest of Southeast Asia, nearly all of Central and South America, and many other places. The safest fruits to eat are ones you can peel that grow on trees--Oranges, papayas, bananas, mangos, lychee, rambutan, etc. Be careful of watermelons and other melons, since they grow on the ground and suck up whatever water they are grown in. Studies have shown that melons can contain the same bacteria that the water has. Eating lots of fruit can give you most of the vitamins you need.

  2. Drink fruit shakes. Just make sure the water they use bottled water and the ice they use is made from filtered water.

  3. Since you can't eat salads, take along some wheatgrass powder or a super green vitamin powder to mix with water and drink everyday. If you are used to eating lots of green stuff at home, suddenly stopping for a while will have an effect on your body and health.

  4. Eat lots of cooked vegetables. Cooking vegetables will pretty much kill any bacteria on them and render them safe to eat. You will still get a lot of nutrients from cooked vegetables. Restaurants everywhere love to put raw lettuce and tomatoes on your plate, but these are better left untouched.

  5. Choose restaurants that look clean and are busy. Take a look at the people working there. If they look healthy and happy, that is a good sign that their food is probably safe to eat.

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