The Never-Ending Wheatgrass Debate

The more you search for wheatgrass sources on the Internet, the more you see contradicting statements about almost every aspect of it. There are many sites that say wheatgrass is the best thing on earth. There are others that say it is all a sham and totally useless. Some experts say to eat it while it is young. Others say to eat it after it grows a bit taller. Some say to cut, juice, and drink it right away. Others say to juice it and wait 40 minutes before drinking it. Who and what are we non-experts to believe? It seems the world could use a world grass conference where experts can sit down, debate, and come up with an agreed-on statement about the stuff. I'm sure no conference will come about any time soon, so I intend to provide as much info from all sides of the various debates on this blog.

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