Juicers: Electric or Manual?

Many a wheatgrass grower ponders the question of whether to get a manual juicer or an electric one. The answer is that it really depends on 1) who you are and 2) how much you are juicing every day.
I will answer the questions for myself as a guide. I am a young, fit guy and find it easy to crank over a manual juicer every morning to squeeze out my daily green stuff. I also pretty much juice enough for myself, and sometimes another person. I find a manual juicer is fine for me. I even like the extra arm workout I get everyday! I have a solid stainless steel juicer that is really heavy, but it is pretty much indestructible too.
On the other hand, if your arms are a bit weak, and you find it a major challenge to swing around the crank, I would think about getting an electric juicer. And if you are doing it for a business and need to juice lots and lots of wheatgrass, I would definately spend the extra bucks and get a good electric model. The electric juicers are about twice the price of the manual ones.

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