If you are going to be bad, do it in these states: Vegetarian-friendly prisons

I just read this article that says PETA has made a list of the top 10 vegetarian friendly prisons. This is pretty funny stuff. Who would have thought a prison, of all places, would be careful to cater to vegetarian palates? The list of food that some of these prisons serve sounds better than what I usually eat myself! It includes things like vegan pizza, veggie lasagna, vegan cookies and brownies, veggie burgers, and all sorts of other tasty grub.
I can't say that I have ever been to prison before, but if I do, I will try my best to run across the border and get busted in one of these states! Maybe in Idaho (#1 on the list), they will let me grow wheatgrass in my cell. And I always imagined prison food disgusting soggy muck that they heaped on your plate.

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PeachBelle said...

I would think the vegetarian diet would be calming to the inmates. Don't think i've ever run across a violent vegan/vegetarian!