Does Wheatgrass Really Work?

So here is the big question that bugs drinkers and non-drinkers of wheatgrass for constantly~~ Does the stuff really work? In my opinion, yes it does. Some people feel as though wheatgrass juice can cure pretty much any ailment known. Ann Wigmore thought this way. Personally, I believe it has great power, but it is not the only thing that matters. There are plenty of examples where an unhealthy person eating unhealthy food gets sick, suddenly switches to eating healthy food and drinks wheatgrass juice daily, and gets better. I have met a number of people who have recovered this way. What is hard to figure out is weather or not the wheatgrass did the healing or if it was the switching from junk-food to healthy food. I believe it is a combination of these things. Drinking wheatgrass juice while eating junk everyday probably won't do much for your health. It isn't strong enough to counteract all the harm that bad food does to your body. But drinking wheatgrass juice AND eating great food does work, and it is easy to see the results.
My next question is how do we know which foods are healthy? Personally, I strongly believe in eating a simple vegan diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, and simple grains like brown rice and quinoa. I try to stay away from foods that I know are not meant for human consumption, such as processed foods, white flours and white rice, high sugar foods, deep-fried stuff, chemicals, dyes, etc. Anybody with their head on straight should be able to tell which foods are healthy and which aren't. An easy way is to look at the ingredients of something, and if it has all sorts of stuff in it that you have never heard of and don't know why it is in the food, it probably isn't too good for you.
So here is my conclusion: For those of you who eat bad diets, drinking wheatgrass juice and switching to a healthy diet will almost surely show you quick results. For those of you who already eat very healthy food, you probably won't see so much of a difference, although some people clearly do. Nonetheless, nearly everyone I speak to who habitually drinks wheatgrass juice says it helps them. It definitely doesn't hurt to try!

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