Expert Opinion on Wheatgrass

A couple of weeks ago, I went to hear a talk by Michael Greger, MD, who is an internationally recognized expert on nutrition and health issues. He reads through every scientific study on food that he can get his hands on, and shares his findings. Surprised by some foods that I thought were healthy, but showed up as harmful in the latest studies, I specifically asked him about wheatgrass. His answer was that it definitely was healthy to drink wheatgrass juice, but that it was just as healthy to drink a shot of juiced kale instead. He says that the more green leafy vegetables we eat the healthier we are, and since wheatgrass is essentially a leaf, then it is good for us. If you want to take a look at Dr. Greger's website, here it is. My take on all this is that since I don't usually eat any vegetables before lunchtime, wheatgrass juice is a good way to sneak in a few extra servings of the green leafy stuff into my diet in the morning without having to even chew.

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