Growing Wheatgrass: It's all about the weather

After trying to grow wheatgrass for years in different climates and seasons, the one thing that seems to affect the outcome of your wheatgrass the most is the weather. Unless you are growing indoors under grow-lights in a temperature-controlled environment, you are pretty much at the mercy of mother nature. Wheatgrass really thrives in temperatures between 50-80 degrees Fahrenheit (10-25 C). Any colder than this range, and the grass grows painfully slow or freezes. When it gets hotter than 80 F., it grows fast, and then starts to wilt and the top will turn yellow really quickly.
If you live in a place with a cold winter, you can grow it next to a big window, but you will probably have to shine a grow light on it since you won't have enough hours of daylight for the grass to grow well. Buying a growlight is a cheap solution to this problem.
If you live in a hot place, it gets a little trickier. If you have air-conditioning in your house, you can grow it inside next to the window and it will do great. If not, you can try setting up a fan to blow on it during the day to keep it cooler.
If worse comes to worse, you might have to take a couple of months off during the heat of the summer. I've had to do this a few times, since it gets brutally hot where I live in the summer and I can't leave the AC on all the time. If you can't grow it don't worry though. You can always buy the grass from someone else, or take some of the many super green supplements available.

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Green Team said...

I have a question about grow lights. Which is best for growing wheatgrass? I have heard that fluorescent is best, and most economic. What would you say?