Metal or Plastic? Which Manual Wheatgrass Juicer is Better?

If you are going to buy a manual wheatgrass juicer, you pretty much have two choices -- metal or plastic. Most people just starting out with wheatgrass tend to go for the plastic juicer like this one:
Yes, the plastic one is cheaper-- only 43 bucks, but if you are serious about wheatgrass, I would suggest you fork over double the price for a stainless steel juicer like this one:

The stainless steel juicer is much better for two big reasons: First, it is almost impossible to break. You can shove a whole handful of wheatgrass into it and really crank on the thing and it won't break. You will break your table before you break the juicer. With the plastic juicer, I was always afraid that I would break the handle off if I wrenched on it too hard.
The second reason why the metal one is better is because you can squeeze a lot more juice out of the wheatgrass. I have used both kinds, and I can get about 30% more juice from the same amount of wheatgrass using the stainless steel juicer. The reason why you can get more juice is because you can put the pulp in a second time and squeeze out a bunch more juice. When I tried to put the pulp back into the plastic juicer a second time, it felt like the juicer was going to break and it wouldn't turn. This works out to a whole lot more juice per tray if you use the hurricane juicer.

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