Already Growing Wheatgrass? Grow Buckwheat Lettuce Too!

If you are already growing Wheatgrass at home, you should try to grow buckwheat as well. You don't need to buy anything else except the buckwheat seeds, and it grows pretty much the same way as wheatgrass. Here's what you need to do to grow easy buckwheat lettuce:

  1. Soak the seeds for 10-12 hours.
  2. Drain the water out and pre-sprout them the same way as you grow wheatgrass. If you haven't grown wheatgrass, take a look at these instructions.
  3. Rinse the buckwheat seeds twice a day, until little roots come out--usually after 1 day
  4. Put the seeds on soil just like you do with wheatgrass. Water twice a day, and after a week or so, they will be 4-6 inches tall and ready to eat. Cut them just above the roots and they are good to go.

Ready to eat Buckwheat Greens

Unhulled Hulled Buckwheat Seeds

Hulled Buckwheat Seeds

Buckwheat greens are great raw in salads, or you can juice them or toss them in with other things in the blender.  People have known about their health secrets for a long time. You can also add them to other healthy recipes like salads to make them even better.
*** Make sure you buy the Unhulled buckwheat seeds to grow this way. (see pictures above)***
You can also sprout hulled buckwheat seeds and eat the sprouts when they are an inch or so long. You don't plant this kind in the soil. Good Luck!

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this is worth reading, if you haven't seen the research on buckwheat sprout toxicity already... all the best.