Chlorophyll and Wheatgrass

A major component of wheatgrass juice is chlorophyll, and many people think this ingredient is the secret behind the healing powers of wheatgrass.
Here is a little information on chlorophyll:
  • Plants don't have blood, but they have something called chlorophyll instead. Amazingly, chlorophyll resembles hemoglobin in human red blood cells very, very closely.
  • Since chlorophyll resembles hemoglobin so much, your body can quickly absorb it and utilize it to nourish your blood.
  • Chlorophyll has strong anti-bacterial properties, which help to fight off infections inside your body.
  • Wheatgrass Juice is comprised of over 70% chlorophyll, so when you drink some of it, your body gets a super-dose of this green blood building stuff.
While it is true that plants use chlorophyll to live and thrive, is there any proof that humans can benefit from it? Just by taking a look at the animals that survive solely on diets of grass is proof enough for me that it is healthy for us too. Some of the strongest animals on earth--elephants, cows, horses, hippos all thrive on a diet of grasses alone. They get all the nutrients they need from grass. I don't think humans can survive on grass alone, since our stomachs can't break down the fibers, but we definitely can increase our performance by adding wheatgrass juice to a healthy plant-based diet.  By the way, if you are wondering if you can get chlorophyll from drinking green tea, I'm pretty sure it doesn't work.  Even if it did, the boiling water would surely kill it.You can get it by eating other green leafy vegetables like kale and spinach however.

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