The Healing Powers of Wheatgrass

There are many rumors floating around about the benefits of wheatgrass, so I thought I would write a little on this subject. Some claim that drinking wheatgrass can heal all kinds of illnesses and health problems in humans. Others claim that it doesn't really do anything at all. To help answer this question, we can take a look at the one place that has focused on wheatgrass juice: The Hippocrates Health Institute. This place carries on where Ann Wigmore left off, providing guidance for healthy living that focuses on wheatgrass, raw and vegan diets, and a healthy lifestyle. The institute sees many people suffering from all kinds of sicknesses, and many have remarkable turnarounds. Take a look at their testimonials page to read what patients have to say. The ailments that have been healed include cancer, brain tumors, gallstones, weight problems, bone density, arthritis, seizures, and many others health problems.

After reading through some of these, it makes me want to keep drinking wheatgrass juice. I guess my problem is that I am very healthy, so I can't see the effects so well! But I haven't been to the doctor for years, and am in great shape, so I am going to keep drinking the juice to make sure I stay that way!  It is worth mentioning that wheatgrass juice is only one of many of the so called superfoods that can keep your body running at full seed.  These include acai berries, green tea, oregano, himalayan goji juice, and many other natural foods. 

If you are new to wheatgrass, this book gives you all the info you need about what wheatgrass is, what it can do for you, and how to grow it yourself.

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