Your mama's so healthy, she drinks wheatgrass juice!

I just came across this new website that is devoted to natural herbal medicines including wheatgrass. Apparently the guy who started the site, did so because his mama was sick with cancer. He heard about wheatgrass juice, and decided to give it to his mama every day. I guess she didn't suffer any adverse side effects from the chemotherapy, and voila, mamaherb was born.  There are literally thousands and thousands of medicines that are known throughout the world to help people.  The problem seems to be that natural remedies have a hard time reaching other parts of the world.  Chinese medicine is just now becoming increasingly popular in the west, even though it has been around for thousands of years.  The same is true of traditional medicines from many other regions of the world. 
The site does list many natural remedies to various ailments, but it doesn't have a whole lot of information on wheatgrass for some reason. It's worth a look though, as there are all kinds of herbs that can be used as natural treatments for everything from obesity to diabetes to hay fever, and it says which vitamins can be found in each one.

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