A Rude Awakening

This week the Humane Society Of The United States revealed the disgusting findings of an undercover worker sent to document what goes on inside a cow slaughterhouse in California. You can read about the results in this Los Angeles Times article. The findings mostly show that cows that are too sick to even stand up and lying in their own poop are still killed and fed to our children at school. Although I wasn't very surprised at the outcome, I suspect it will disgust many people who haven't thought much about where their food comes from. If you haven't given much attention to the origins of your food, now is a good time to start. The US Department of Agriculture is supposed to inspect these places, but they were definately not present during the 6 weeks this undercover worker was employed. If you think the USDA will make sure what you are eating is actually safe, think again. The reason cows that can't stand are not supposed to enter the food chain is because they might have mad cow disease. In my opinion, we can only ignore things for so long before a major health disaster comes along.
What can we do? Make sure you know where your food comes from. I eat a vegan diet of locally grown foods. I know the farmers who grow my vegetables. I see where the rice is grown. This way I can remove many of the scary "unknowns" from my diet.

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