A Vegan In The NFL

I just read an interesting story in The Wall Street Journal about Tony Gonzales, a standout in the NFL who decided to try going vegan. He went straight from gorging on meat and other high-calorie, high-fat foods like nearly everyone else who plays in the NFL to giving a completely vegan diet a go. What made him switch was sitting next to someone on a plane who told him about a book called "The China Study". After he read the book himself, he made the change. NFL athletes push their bodies to the extreme, and Tony can do it on a vegan diet--almost. He now eats a carefully planned out, mostly vegan diet, as well as a few servings of chicken and fish a week. The article says that he has failed, but I think what he has done is wonderful. The road to being vegetarian or vegan is different for everyone, and he gets props from me just for daring to try. From the article it seems like he is the only one to ever do this in the NFL. Even if many people gave up meat for only 1 day a week, it would do a lot of good for the world.
The article does mention a couple other professional vegan athletes: NBA player Salim Stoudamire and Ultimate fighter Mac Danzig. The fact that these athletes are being recognized by the Wall Street Journal means that the vegetarian diet is gaining in popularity.
Here is the link to the article.

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