Pets and wheatgrass

People aren't the only ones who love wheatgrass. Dogs, cats, birds, and many other animals really love the stuff too. If you have a pet, they will be really happy to get a few pieces of grass or a little juice. I have read that back in the day Ann Wigmore, who is considered the founding grandmother of wheatgrass juice chose wheatgrass over the other grassy grains because her dog chose wheatgrass over everything else. Wheatgrass has a sweet taste that animals love, and it is really hard to keep drinking something that you don't like. I have a dog and she just sits there watching me make my wheatgrass juice every morning. I give her a few blades of grass, and she eats them, and then I save some juice and give it to her in a bowl and she loves it. Cats love it just as much. If you have a pet, try it with them. They will thank you. Most pets don't consume any vegetables or raw food. Pet food is cooked and processed, and many pets really crave something raw and nutritious. Dogs at the park will eat grass by themselves too.

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