Mold: Part 1

Pretty much everybody who grows wheatgrass has to deal with mold at one time or another. Some people like me have to put up with it all the time!!!
Here is the scoop on the mold growing on your wheatgrass:
Green-Blue Mold: This stuff will grow on the seeds that don't sprout after they have been on the tray for a few days. It will cover the un-sprouted seed and pretty much just stay there. Since it won't climb up the grass, it can't do any harm because you cut the grass above it.
White Cotton-looking mold: This mold is a bit more of a pain than the green stuff. This will grow on your seeds for a number of reasons. Sometimes it grows because the seeds are spread very close together. In hot or damp weather mold seems to be more of a problem. While it is best not to consume this mold, you can you easily cut above it when you are ready to juice. Once in a while I hear of someone getting a reaction to mold, but I haven't had any problems. As long as you cut above the mold and rinse your grass well before juicing, you shouldn't have any problems. Read this post for ways to help reduce mold.

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