Growing: Step 3

Once the seeds have sprouted little roots, which should take about 1 day, spread about an inch of soil on a tray. Next, scatter the wheatgrass seeds over the soil evenly. It is ok if it looks pretty full of seeds. Water the seeds evenly and cover the tray with another upside-down tray. Water the seeds once a day, or twice if the soil becomes very dry. Once the grass is about an inch tall and starts to push the top tray up by itself, take it off.

Now just keep the tray in a place with direct or at least bright indirect sunlight and keep the soil moist--water once or twice a day as needed. When the grass is about 4-6 inches tall, you can cut it just above the roots with scissors and your are ready to juice it. wheatgrass seeds will grow quicker in warm weather and slower in cold weather.


pea said...

do grow lights work...the sunlight is bad inside my house

MrVegan said...

Take a look at the new post about growing with grow lights. Yes they work, and are a great way of growing wheatgrass year-round.