Is Wheatgrass A Fad?

People have been drinking wheatgrass juice for decades, and even centuries according to some sources. However, wheatgrass juice does seem to get a lot of media attention that claims it is a fad. So is wheatgrass juice just a passing fad? Yes and no. Some people have been drinking wheatgrass juice everyday for years. Others order a shot at the juice bar once in a while. The fact is that it takes quite a bit of effort and seriousness to grow your own wheatgrass, juice it, and drink it consistently. Drinking it every day is when you are going to see the results. Yes, a shot here and there is good for you, but you probably won't see much change in your health this way. There will always be people who will try new things out, especially stuff that claims to make you healthy.
Here is a funny example:

In 2000, the TV show Sex And The City shows Samantha bringing a guy to a health-food restaurant to give him wheatgrass. The owner of the restaurant said that after the show aired, his sales of wheatgrass went up 55%.
Not bad. Of course many people who try wheatgrass juice do so only once or twice and give up.

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